Mass511 is a free traveler information service that gives you live traffic reports, commuter service information and personalization in the state of Massachusetts area through a toll-free phone number and website. Call 511 or visit Mass511.com to retrieve all the information for your traveling needs. 511 will help improve your commute and keep you informed before leaving the house and while on the go.

511 provides information about:

  • Traffic - 511 gives you freeway travel times and freeway speeds along your route and will also tell you if there is road construction, traffic alert or an accident ahead. Incidents, accidents, road closures, construction, lane closures, real-time live traffic cameras, weather alerts/forecasts, travel times and traffic speeds can all be viewed on the interactive live Traffic Map.
  • My Mass511 - Route Personalization at your fingertip. Sign up for an account, create and personalize your routes and alerts so you can be notified of event on those routes ahead of time.

CALL 511

You can call Massachusetts 511 from a landline or a cell phone. Simple instructions will guide you to the information you need – you can use your touch tone key pad or say what you want and 511 will provide you with the information you requested.

511 will provide you with the information you need or transfer you to someone who can help.


Mass511.com has simple menus to help you find information quickly and plan the right route for your commute. Use the interactive live Traffic map to view traffic in your area.

Highway Developers

Highway data for developers | Mass.gov

Camera requests

Submit a public records request to the Department of Transportation | Mass.gov

Reporting a pothole

Pothole Report: Call 857-DOT-INFO (857-368-4636) | MassDOT Blog