Using 511


Mass511 features a Google-based map that allows you to access information about Massachusetts highways. For information about Google Maps visit the Google Maps Help Centre.

To use the website:

  • 1. Select the information you want on the legend – a corresponding icon/line will then appear on the map. 
  • 2. Click on the icon/line to access more detailed information.

Saving & Editing Cameras

  1. Sign in to Mass 511.
  2. Select the cameras checkbox in the map legend.
  3. Select a camera by clicking the camera icon and click ‘My Cameras’ button.  Select the camera view you want the camera to be added to.  Create a custom camera view by clicking 'New Camera View'.
  4. To view and edit your saved cameras, go to My Cameras.
  5. In Manage My Cameras page, click on the 'Manage Camera Views' to add, modify or delete a camera view.
  6. To enter a custom nickname for your saved camera, simply type your desired nickname into the camera nickname field.


The following tips will help you navigate through the Mass511 phone system.

Getting started:

Dial 511 (within Massachusetts) 

Welcome message:

Once connected, you will hear a welcome message.

Next, if there are closures in effect, you will hear a list of closures.


  • Say the highway you want conditions on, or dial the highway number.
    • If there are more than 5 sections within the highway you have selected, you will be prompted to give either a single location or a from and to location
  • After your highway section is determined, you will hear road conditions, then any construction information.
  • At any time you may say:
    • “Skip” to move to the next section
    • “Repeat” to hear the information again
    • “Start over” to indicate what highway you want information on
    • “Agent” or press 0 to speak with a live agent
    • “Goodbye” to leave a comment and/or end the call