Commercial Vehicles


  • General Resources – Basic information on operating a commercial vehicle in Massachusetts.


If you're applying for a truck permit, you first want to check if your truck meets the state's regulations.  Your truck's weight and height is taken inot consideration before it requires an oversize/overweight permit.  Legislation regarding dimensions and weights of trucks and trailers.

Permits & Registration MA

Find out what you need to operate your commercial vehicle in Massachusetts

Request a Truck Permit in MA

Online Truck Permit Application Commercial Truck Permits

  • Commercial Driver's Licenses (CDL).  Class A, B, and C licenses, known as Commerical Driver's Licenses (CDL's), Allow you to operate large vehicles, like trucks and buses in Massachusetts. Commercial Driver's Licenses (CDL)
  • MYRMV - Online Service Center for Massachusetts -  MyRMV

EZ Pass

  • EZ Drive MA - Massachusetts' all electronic tolling program, which includes E-Z Pass and Pay by Plate MA.  The program works without toll booths on the MassTurnpike (I-90), Tobin Memorial Bridge, and the Sumner, Callahan, and Ted Williams Tunnels.
  • EZ Pass account - Open and manage an E-Z Pass MA account.

Rest Areas - Locate travel plazas and rest areas

  • Rest Area Locator on GeoDOT (including Service Plazas and Visitor Centers)
  • Service Plaza Locations  (including amenities information)  These facilities offer drivers a location to safely pull off the road for a pit stop or a driving break.  Services vary by location.  All travel plazas have restrooms.
  • Park and Ride Locations